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CLEVELAND (WJW)– It has been one month since shipments of the coronavirus vaccine began rolling into Northeast Ohio.

And now, there is a new and innovative strategy to help providers schedule and track the administration of the Covid-19 vaccines to health care workers.

“To look at ways that we can optimize the delivery of care — both in the four walls of the hospital and across the community,” said University Hospitals (UH) Vice President of Operations and Logistics Sam Brown.

UH is now partnering with Logis Solutions, using new software to track its 28,000 employees and affiliated caregivers.

Brown cited the challenges they faced in tracking vaccine supply and administering the two-dose regimen effectively and efficiently. “There’s nuance between the various vaccine manufacturers. So making sure those steps are hardwired. We understand our inventory across the health system to ensure that when we’re scheduling folks. We’ve gotten the second appointment documented; we’ve taken care of any clinical concerns that may be necessary before we give the vaccine to ensure its safety.”

The software will utilize text message and email reminders on when that second dose is needed.

Brown said the goal is to bring some much-needed relief to an already stressed industry, allowing health care professionals to spend time doing what they do best: helping patients.

“Really take care of the folks that frankly have been devastated by this pandemic and ensure that they get vaccinated if they so choose as quickly as possible.”