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CLEVELAND (WJW) — As the state of Ohio starts to slowly reopen, several local restaurant owners say the are relieved they will be able to open their dining rooms again.

“We are very excited,” said John Tomasulo of Johnny’s Diner. “It’s been tough on us just being able to do take out. We had to lay off and we are making less than 1/8 of normal, so basically enough to pay the rent.”

Restaurant owners all across Ohio, are now waiting to find out what they need to do when they are allowed to let customers inside.

“So right now all we know is restaurants will be one of the first ones they are going to be allowed to open,” Tomasulo said. “We don’t know whether we can have glossy menus or paper disposal menus. We also have to find out what the servers and staff will need to wear to keep themselves and everyone else safe.”

Brendan Kearney, Director of Operations for the Salerno Group, said they too are trying to figure out what they will need to do to prepare.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel,” Kearney told Fox 8. “Still trying to get some answers. Not really getting into too much other than we know there will be some seriously strict social distancing still going on and how that will affect us in terms of the amount of people that can sit at a table, and the amount of people that can be the restaurant at a time. We are still waiting to really get into the nitty gritty of what that’s really going to look like for us. “

Many restaurants had to furlough most of their staff and they are hoping they can bring their workers back soon.

“We are already in our meetings sitting here trying to process how quickly we can get people back,” Kearney said. “If we bring people back in stages or all at once. Just  waiting for more information because we want to get our family back together. “

Restaurant owners hope people will continue to support them by ordering take out if at all possible.