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BRUNSWICK (WJW)- ESBI International salon in Brunswick has been closed since March 18, the same day Governor Mike DeWine ordered hair salons and barbershops to close across the state amid coronavirus concerns.

“Our patrons and clients, they love coming to the salon. They are missing that, I get calls constantly, daily.”

While owner Cheryl Basilisco says during the global health pandemic, people are suffering. She believes a person’s appearance can improve mental health.

“Our industry is the industry that makes people feel good. What we say, let alone what we do can help that.”

On Tuesday, Governor Mike Dewine revealed how the state would begin to reopen on May 1.

While hospitals and some manufacturers would open in the early stages, small businesses including hair salons he warned, will take time.

DeWine adds, “We’re very mindful of the great desire particularly among all business, small businesses to get back at it. We understand the problems small businesses are having. So we’re going to be announcing more as we move forward.”

****More on Governor DeWine’s orders regarding salons and barbershops during the Ohio Coronavirus crisis here****

Carla Pagan is a hairstylist in Westlake and already has appointments scheduled in May…knowing that too could change.

Pagan adds, “I would hate to be in a position where I’m asymptomatic and putting a client who is high risk and making sure my family is protected as well..”

And with no guarantee that her salon would remain COVID-19 free, Cheryl Basilisco says safety measures will be in place, including sanitizing stations, gloves, and masks, whenever the governor gives her industry the greenlight.

“Cuz’ the last thing we want is a client to come into our facility, feel uncomfortable and feel like they’re going to catch something.”