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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held a rare Monday afternoon news conference about the status of the coronavirus response across the state.

This comes as the U.S. is set to pass 500,000 coronavirus deaths since the outbreak began in 2020, a statistic more than twice that of any other country, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

That’s more than the entire population of Miami, Florida, which has 478,000 residents, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

As seen in the video above, DeWine said during the press conference that he expects more nursing home visitations to open up across the state as positivity rates fall.

“As we move forward, we will open up vaccinations to age 60+, then 55+, then 50+,” DeWine said about the vaccine rollout. “Those 50+ make up 97-98% of all #COVID19 deaths in Ohio. In addition, we are also looking at certain small groups that, because of exposure, may potentially be added in with the 60+ group.”

The Ohio Department of Health also released the state’s latest coronavirus numbers Monday afternoon.

There have been 955,378 total confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in the state since the pandemic began, which includes an addition of 1,611 cases reported today, along with a total of 16,874 deaths (including 58 additional fatalities reported today).

The total number of hospitalizations due to the virus since the pandemic began is now 49,492 people.

The Ohio Department of Health recently reported there were some 4,000 overlooked coronavirus deaths in the state.

New hospitalization numbers are now at 120 inpatients, and 16 in the ICU in the last 24 hours. About 889,959 people are presumed to have recovered from the illness.

The number of people vaccinated in the state so far is 1,451,107 or about 12.41% of the population. That number includes people who have gotten one or two shots so far. In the last 24 hours, 11,395 people were vaccinated.

For residents who want to be vaccinated and are in approved age groups, getting an appointment is a challenge.

The state has not yet put together a main sign-up site, and residents instead have to register with each individual health department and pharmacy. However, Gov. DeWine says that is something his team continues to work on.