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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced a state order on Tuesday that will allow contact sports to move forward this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor said there will not be any surprises in the order, which will be released on Wednesday. The decision for high school fall sports to be postponed to spring will be left to the school districts.

There will not be spectators other than family members or those close with the child. It will be up to the school to determine how that is implemented, DeWine said.

“These decisions are not made in a vacuum. We’re going back to school, there’s a risk. We’re playing sports, there’s a risk,” the governor said.

He emphasized the importance of what students do when they are not at practice or at games, and the impact that has on the season.

Dr. Jim Borchers, a specialist in sports medicine at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, appeared via video during the news conference. He said any athlete who’s tested positive for COVID-19 should meet with their health care provider before returning to play. That may involve additional tests, which will vary from person to person. Athletes need to be aware of chest discomfort and fatigue, Borchers said.

When asked by the governor if he would allow his children play sports this fall, he said it depends on infection rates and availability of testing.

“I think every individual needs to look at what’s going on in their community,” said Borchers, who has two sons who play high school sports.

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