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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine delivered an address on COVID-19 to the state Wednesday evening.

He started by reflecting on the early stages of the pandemic in March 2020. While commenting on Ohioans strength and grit, he also noted the progress in vaccinating the population.

“We have made great progress in protecting our vulnerable Ohioans in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When we first got the vaccine, we prioritized our nursing home residents,” DeWine said. He then looked to the news that vaccinations of Ohio’s children ages 12 to 15 will start on Thursday.

He then announced Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud will lift remaining health orders on June 2. Orders for nursing homes and assisted living facilities will still be in effect.

“It’s time to end the health orders. It’s been a year. You’ve followed the protocols. You’ve done what we’ve asked. You’ve bravely fought this virus,” DeWine said. “The vaccinated among us feel liberated. They can hug their grandkids, go out to eat, go to a ball game, live their life, all without fear.”

DeWine had previously set a benchmark for 50 cases per 100,000 to lift remaining health orders. As of Wednesday, the state was at 123 cases per 100,000.