**Hospitals see rise in children under 5 hospitalized with COVID, as seen in the video above.**

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The Ohio Department of Health released the state’s latest coronavirus numbers Saturday afternoon.

As expected, the latest daily case numbers (which have already been high) are much higher than seen in the last couple weeks, due to a backlog of processed positive tests, ODH reported Friday.

“As a result of enhancement to expand the state system’s capacity to process a higher volume of automated lab results, a significant increase in cases will appear on the ‘current trends’ dashboard beginning today for the next several days until the backlog clears. Cases will be attributed to their proper illness onset date on the overview dashboard, which shows true spread of COVID-19 in Ohio,” the health department posted on its website starting Friday.

There have been more than 2 million total confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in the state since the pandemic began, which includes an addition of 50,299 cases reported today, along with a total of 30,922 deaths (including zero additional fatalities reported today).

Case numbers are expected to be even higher, as many at-home tests do not go reported. Death statistics are no longer being reported daily for accuracy purposes.

The total number of hospitalizations because of the virus since the pandemic began is now 102,004 people. There were 345 hospitalizations reported in the last 24 hours, and 39 people were reported admitted to the ICU during that time.

Over the last 21 days, the daily hospitalization average has been 364 new patients.

Here are the Ohio counties with the most coronavirus deaths:

  • Cuyahoga: 2,998
  • Franklin: 2,036
  • Hamilton: 1,699
  • Montgomery: 1,586
  • Summit: 1,382

The number of people vaccinated in the state so far is 6,516,950 or about 55.75% of the population. That number includes people who are considered fully vaccinated. In the last 24 hours, 5,037 people received their “complete” shot in the state.

Find out how to register to get vaccinated against COVID-19 right here.