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Editor’s note: This script has been updated to reflect the highest number of cases before today was in the middle of April with about 1,300 cases.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The Ohio Department of Health released the state’s latest coronavirus numbers Wednesday afternoon.

There were 52,865 total confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in the state, which is an added 1,076 cases in the last 24 hours, along with a total of 2,876 deaths (13 added from yesterday).

This is the highest single day of coronavirus cases found in Ohio since April. The highest single day for cases was in the middle of April when there were about 1,300.

The total number of hospitalizations due to the virus is 7,911 people. The median age of those Ohioans getting coronavirus is still 46 years old.

Here are the Ohio counties with the most coronavirus cases:

  • Franklin: 9,338
  • Cuyahoga: 7,013
  • Hamilton: 5,224
  • Marion: 2,731
  • Lucas: 2,628

And here are the Ohio counties with the most coronavirus deaths:

  • Franklin: 407
  • Cuyahoga: 366
  • Lucas: 302
  • Mahoning: 228
  • Summit: 206

Ohio continues to offer free COVID-19 testing sites throughout the state, after Gov. DeWine said the state would ramp up testing for all last month.

While coronavirus numbers continue to rise in Ohio, businesses also continue to reopen.

Gov. DeWine is scheduled to give a press conference tomorrow, to discuss his continued plans to get Ohio’s economy moving again.