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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton is offering words of encouragement to Ohioans as coronavirus continues to spread in our communities.

She spoke with our own Tracy McCool Wednesday and is reminding citizens just how important their actions are in battling this virus.

Dr. Acton is reminding residents to be self-aware and remember to be kind.

“I say that because it’s very true for me as it is for anyone else,” Dr. Acton told Tracy. “Just as the virus is very infectious, we know that our moods are infectious to people around us and I even find myself that there are moments when I’m trying to go so fast, I’m not as patient…And, I just have to keep coming back to some deeper sense of stillness in myself so that I can recheck.”

She also encourages people to apologize and make amends when we make mistakes because “we all do.”

**Watch Dr. Acton’s entire interview with Tracy in the video, above**

Tracy also talked to Dr. Acton about the state’s exit strategy once we reach the peak, asking her how long it would be before citizens could leave their homes and return to a sense of normalcy.

“I have been watching the scientists closely. So much is evolving and my hope every day is that an anti-viral or some new tool will come into the tool chest and that will radically change the pace of this,” Dr. Acton said.

She continued to explain that she believes new developments in testing will help health officials fight the virus more quickly.

“Remember our curve, it’s jig-jaggedy but it basically looks kind of equal on both sides. I think a way to think about this is we’ve been going into that incline and it’s going to come down. So if a peak were somewhere in that April-May range, that’s sort of the halfway point,” she said. “I think as testing becomes available we might be able to speed that down curve a little bit because we’ll be able to know who has it. We’ll do a better job of quarantining people a little bit more.”

Dr. Acton also shared that this battle with coronavirus has been hard on her, just as it has on every other Ohioan.

“You know, it’s hard to not see my kids and it’s hard to follow these things myself,” she told FOX 8’s Tracy McCool. “And, sticking with it is the first thing that everyone can do. I of course, like everyone else, at night…am haunted by ‘is there one more thing I can do?’ You know, and I think all of us feel that way. How do we want to think back to this time and what we did?”

As the virus continues to spread, Dr. Acton is reminding everyone to do everything they can to help protect themselves, their families and communities.

“For each of us is going to be something different, but we all want to do all we can,” said Dr. Acton. ” I think all of us want to feel that we did all we could. It’s those letters you’re sending. It’s the masks you’re sewing at home. It’s dropping off some cookies or food on the doorstep of a neighbor. I think we’ll all want to sleep at night knowing that we brought our best selves to this game and to this war and that we brought out the best in the people around us.”