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NEW JERSEY (WJW) — A New Jersey couple was reportedly charged with child endangerment after police say they threw a party which violated an order on social gatherings.

According to NBC News, the parents threw the party Sunday in Lakewood, New Jersey, and police had to tell about 40-50 people in the front yard to disperse.

The couple, identified as Eliezer Silber and Miriam Silber, who reportedly has five children, was charged with one count of child endangerment for each child.

NBC Philadelphia reported the couple was holding a bat mitzvah at their home.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a warning telling residents not to throw parties. “Can’t believe I have to say this at all, let alone for the second time. But here we are. NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid. We will crash your party. You will pay a big fine. And we will name & shame you until EVERYONE gets this message into their heads. “