CLEVELAND (WJW) — The catalyst for lifting transportation mask mandates across the country came Monday when a federal Florida judge struck down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s requirement.

Since then, a bevy of transit systems and businesses have done away with requiring individuals to wear masks while traveling. The CDC’s mandate, which required passengers to wear facial coverings on planes, trains and other public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic was recently extended until May 3 when the judge made her decision.

The justice department has not made any decision on potential litigation. So, at least for now, here’s a roundup of the groups no longer requiring masks:

Akron-Canton Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

The two major local airports announced Tuesday they are no longer requiring masks for travelers, although they are recommending people still wear them.


Passengers and employees required to wear masks while riding Amtrak trains, the company announced late Monday. Although the company encouraged anyone who still wanted to wear a mask to do so.


Those looking to take the bus are also no longer required to wear masks for the most part, Greyhound told FOX 8. Exceptions include if a local municipality requires masking and if trips go into Mexico or Canada, where face coverings are mandated.


Riders of RTA in the Greater Cleveland area are reportedly no longer required to wear masks. RTA’s mask mandate has been suspended.

Major airlines

Most airlines have come out and said they are no longer requiring their passengers to wear masks. That includes the following: United, Alaska, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, American and Delta. However, individual airlines still have the right to ask customers to wear masks so travelers need to check before heading to the airport.

Transportation Security Administration 

The group that oversees security at airports and other mass transit systems is saying they are no longer enforcing the requirement.


The private companies have required passengers and drivers to wear masks during rides for much of the pandemic. But as of Tuesday, both have announced that facial coverings are now optional. Riders are also allowed to sit in the front seat once again. Find out more about the new policies right here.

Look for this list to be updated as more announcements are made.