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NORWALK, Ohio (WJW) — A Northeast Ohio racetrack owner says he will open his business regardless of what the government says.

Bill Bader Jr., owner of Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, made this announcement on Facebook Live Wednesday night.

Bader says he will not let his business die under his watch.

He argues that the coronavirus is not nearly as bad as they originally predicted and says he believes the government is keeping businesses closed for reasons that extend beyond the virus.

“We are opening. Summit Sports Park is not gonna wait for permission,” Bader said in the video. “Summit Sports Park is not gonna wait for Dr. Fauci and wait for Amy Acton and wait for Mike DeWine because none of them even know I exist and none of them really care.”

Bader plans to release the track’s schedule next week and begin racing.

You can watch his full Facebook Live below:

**Editor’s Note: Bader uses some language in the following video that may be considered inappropriate or offensive to some.