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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — Karen Perkins was setting up balloons for what will be the biggest day of her best friend’s life.   

“April cried like a baby for four days and I said you know what, I have to do something to make her happy,” Perkins said.

April 5 is April’s wedding day. Her big celebration was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the show went on inside her Garfield Heights home. 

“It was the ministers idea to have a small ceremony and then have the regular one later because I was devastated,” April said.

The guest list for the wedding was set for 170 people before it was postponed.

“It started out as 100 and then it just grew and grew and grew because there were so many people we wanted to share this day with,” said Antonio Reynolds.

So while April and Antonio were tying the knot inside their home, Karen Perkins was setting up the surprise outside.

“I was sad because I wasn’t there but I was also happy because I was still able to participate in the ceremony and let her know I love her so much,” Perkins said.

Moments after April and Antonio became Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, they walked out of their house to their close family and friends who greeted them from their cars.

“I was surprised, I was shocked because I didn’t expect any of this,” said April.

Their friends threw them a brief social-distanced celebration complete with a balloon release.

“It means the world to me because my girlfriend is married and she deserves this,” Perkins said.

“This is what I got married for, I mean it’s nice to have people watching it and everything, but this is the real prize, I keep my eyes on the prize,” said Antonio.

It’s a day the Reynolds will never forget, even if they couldn’t be together with their family and friends like they had planned.