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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a new order aimed at battling the coronavirus pandemic during his Friday afternoon news briefing. He called it the “Stay Safe Ohio” order.

DeWine says the order, slated to expire on May 29, is not a stay-at-home order.

“Our new order goes into effect today. Not much new there that we haven’t already talked about here. But I do want to indicate the name: Stay Safe Ohio. It’s not a stay at home order. We have reached a new stage. But – it doesn’t mean the virus has gone away,” DeWine explained.

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While Ohio has transitioned this new phase, state officials reiterate that social distancing and face coverings are still “very, very important.” They say Ohioans must continue to stay focused and disciplined in their efforts to battle COVID-19.

“What was the Stay Home Ohio is now the Stay Safe Ohio order. This represents a transition to the next phase of how we’re going to live our lives,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “We know people are going out more (the safest place is still at home) but when you do go out, we want to make sure you have the best knowledge possible, the best standards, to stay safe.”

DeWine also reminds Ohioans that while the order is in effect through May 29, it could expire early or be extended. State leaders are constantly issuing new orders in effort to protect Ohio against the coronavirus.

“May 29th is the expiration date for the new order, but don’t read too much into that date,” DeWine shared. “We will be issuing new orders throughout the month. No one should be too fixated on the date.”

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