‘It will happen’: Ohio’s daycares aren’t closing yet, but governor says it is coming soon

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – With the announcement of school closures in the state, many people have asked about daycares.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine addressed that Sunday afternoon.

“What I’ve tried to signal is that they will be closed,” DeWine said, but continued that they would not do that abruptly, so people can make adjustments and so can the government.

“It will happen.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine

“I would plead if anyone has a child in daycare and you can conceivably come up with a way to take that child out of daycare, please do so,” DeWine stated.

“We’ve asked the daycares to do everything they can to break out in smaller groups.”

DeWine did not give a timeline on when daycares might close.

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