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CLEVELAND (WJW)-The FOX 8 I-TEAM is investigating whether the coronavirus crisis is affecting crime on your streets.

We analyzed figures for the city of Cleveland for the last month.

The numbers show the number of homicides tripled over the same period last year. There are nine new cases while only 3 during those weeks last year.

We also noticed a spike in robbery cases.

We saw the biggest drops in the number of reported rapes and burglaries.

However, other categories of major crimes in Cleveland, including domestic violence, have been running at roughly about the same rate.

At the same time, traffic stops have been cut in half. And, arrests have dropped by nearly half.

Cleveland Police, and officers everywhere, have been trying to limit close contact with people to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. So the police are making fewer traffic stops. And, when possible, they’re giving people a summons in criminal cases to come to court later instead of hauling people to jail.

As for the uptick in homicides, sources say Cleveland regularly has periods when the murder rate goes up and goes down with no clear explanation behind those swings.