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CLEVELAND, Ohio ( WJW)- The FOX 8 I-TEAM went one-on-one with a man causing a stir all over the area as he stands on corners with a sign saying he has fake vaccine cards.

We found him along West 117th in Cleveland, and we called him out on his offer.

We’ve shown you, it’s illegal to have fake cards so people can lie about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

We approached, and the man said, “I’m not doing anything illegal. You’re assuming something.”

We reminded him we weren’t assuming anything since he held a sign saying, ‘fake vaccine cards here.’

And, Cleveland police showed up as the I-TEAM investigated.

An officer told the man on the corner, “We’ve been getting a bunch of calls about it.”

The man told us he sets up all over the area with political signs and flags trying to convince people the COVID vaccine is a bad thing.

So, we asked what proof he has for his claims. He answered, “That’s confidential. I have good sources.”

Yet, what about his fake vaccine cards? He gave us what he had. A tiny business card. One side says ‘vaccination card.’ The other has an insult with foul language and a link to a website. We clicked on the site, and we found a site for political action.

An officer asked the man on the corner, “Are you selling vaccine cards? No? Not selling anything?”
Police decided since no cards were for sale, there was no crime.

We wanted to find out more about the man with the sign, but he refused to fully identify himself even as he made a show on the corner.

He said, “I’m not telling you my name. Who cares?”

He added, “I’m out here with a constitutional right. What are you calling the police for?”

Maybe, you’ll see him soon on a street corner near you.

And, if you do, at least you’ll know what kind of vaccination cards he’s handing out.