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COLUMBUS (WJW) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine broke down the state’s coronavirus spread trends by age group during a Monday press conference. And while it was previously reported that younger people were spreading the virus at a higher rate, the new breakdown offered some surprising findings.

According to the new data, those in the age groups 0-19 and 30-39 are the most likely to pass along the virus to others. While 38% of all Ohioans in their 30s have received the vaccine, there’s a 4% increase in spread in April as compared to March.

Ohio Department of Health graphic

As DeWine pointed out, those 15 and younger cannot get vaccinated yet, so it makes sense only 5% of those 19 and younger have been vaccinated in the state, and that spread continues to take place in that age group at a higher rate.

How those in their 20s are doing so much better than those in their 30s regarding spread is still unclear.

“Your guess is as good as mine, this may be a more socially active group,” DeWine said. “But certainly it would have been much higher if they had not been getting vaccinated.”

Those in their 50s are spreading the virus at the lowest rate at this time.