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CANTON (WJW)-  A 79-year-old grandmother, diagnosed with cancer and then COVID-19, is continuing to beat the odds.

Peggy Campbell was diagnosed with cancer in February after she broke her hip.  Her family tells Fox 8 that while she was at a rehabilitation center they learned she had COVID-19.

“She is an incredible fighter,”  said Campbell’s daughter, Amy Resnick. “When we learned she had COVID-19 we were devastated. I was so afraid that I would never see her again.

Campbell was taken to a Canton hospital to be treated for COVID-19.   A few weeks later she was released after her symptoms improved.

“It was incredible,” Resnick said. “I really felt like we hit the lottery.  She was brought back to the rehabilitation center and we were able to greet her. It was so great to see her face again.”

Campbell is being treated at the rehabilitation center. Her family is able to visit her daily and talk to her through the window.

She is an amazing lady,” Resnick said. “She loves her children fiercely and we love her back just the same .”