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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Governor Mike DeWine said during an interview Sunday that his statewide order mandating people wear face masks to prevent further spread of the coronavirus had gone “too far.”

“It became clear to me that that was just a bridge too far. People were not going to accept the government telling them what to do,” he said during his interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

Last Monday, the governor said: “No masks, no work, no service, no exception.” However, DeWine rescinded the statewide order on Tuesday in response to outcry from Ohioans.

“There will have to be adjustments as we go. Within the last 24 hours, it has become clear to me that a mandatory mask requirement for retail customers is offensive to some of our fellow Ohioans. I understand that,” DeWine said on Twitter. “We’ve heard you. We will not mandate that retail customers wear a mask. But we strongly recommend that you do.”

DeWine was one of the first governors to implement statewide closures during the coronavirus outbreak, issuing a stay-at-home order and postponing the state’s March 17 primary election.

He has since downgraded the stay-at-home order to the Stay Safe Ohio order. Click here to read the complete ‘Stay Safe Ohio’ order.

When asked during Sunday’s interview if any other orders had gone “too far,” DeWine reiterated that it was just that one.

However, while state leaders are not mandating that Ohioans wear face coverings in public, they encourage the practice to help protect yourself and those around you.

Additionally, the Governor’s plan to safely restart Ohio’s economy does require employees to wear masks and gives businesses the authority to require customers to do the same.

**For the full list of COVID-19 responsible protocols in Ohio, click here**