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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is reassuring parents and students that they will not be required to repeat their current grade due to the state’s school closures.

“The plan is not for you to have to repeat the school year,” said Governor DeWine. “Every student now is still in school. Although you’re not physically in school, you’re doing work and working directly with the teacher. So, this counts as school and this counts as a school year.”

The Governor first closed all K-12 schools on March 12 in effort to encourage social distancing and prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Schools were originally slated to reopen April 3, but the Governor has extended the closures through at least May 1.

Mandatory state testing has already been eliminated for this term.

Governor DeWine has previously said he would not be surprised if Ohio’s schools remain closed for the remainder of the academic year as the coronavirus is not expected to peak in Ohio until mid-April or early May.

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