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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is stressing that casual events among family and friends can cause the quick spread of coronavirus in the community.

He shared a story at his press conference Tuesday afternoon about an asymptomatic woman in Ohio whose actions infected ten people with coronavirus and led to the closure of three businesses.

Gov. DeWine says the woman took a car ride with three other people over the July 4th weekend.

From that car ride, he said, a man and his daughter who were in the car both contracted coronavirus.

The dad ended up in the ICU, according to DeWine.

The dad’s business was closed and two employees were sickened.

A grandmother, who was not in that car, was also infected, as were two of her caregivers.

One of the caregiver’s other patients also contracted coronavirus, DeWine said.

DeWine says the asymptomatic woman also got her husband sick.

His business had to close, and so did the business where the woman worked.

People who worked with the woman’s husband also had to quarantine, one of them on her wedding day.

“Unbelievable. Ten people got sick. Two people ended up in the ICU. Three businesses were temporarily closed,” DeWine said.

Gov. DeWine shared the story as a warning to people to not let their guard down, no matter the situation.

“What we’ve seen is just a lot of casual events in our lives where people are not careful. They don’t wear a mask. They don’t social distance,” Gov. DeWine said.

“Coworkers and family members were worried, inconvenienced, quarantined.”

DeWine says the local health department is still monitoring people who were exposed and expects more COVID-19 infections from that single car ride.

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