‘God is bigger than the virus,” A COVID-19 survivor says don’t give up, there is hope


TUSCARAWAS COUNTY ( WJW)-– A 38-year-old man says he wants to share his story of surviving COVID-19 to give others hope.

Nic Brown spoke to Fox 8 on a video chat Monday from his home. He says he knows many people are suffering with the virus and many are scared.

“There is hope in this virus , God is bigger than this virus ,” Brown said. “Hang in there.”

Brown said he was in good health. He noted he had asthma as a child, but had never been hospitalized.

A few weeks ago he had a fever and a headache. At first he wasn’t concerned but then the symptoms got worse very quickly. He then tested positive for COVID-19.

“It got to the point I couldn’t breathe on my own,” Brown said. “They ended up putting me on a ventilator and full life support at one point.”

He spent several days in the ICU at the Cleveland Clinic.

“I am a walking miracle ,” Browns said. “The support I had from everybody, my family the hospital staff, really helped. I truly believe it is the power of prayer and community support I had behind me that made the difference.”

Before he left the ICU , he gave a thank you note to the staff. The Cleveland Clinic shared Brown’s message of thanks, it was a written note on a glass door.

“It was phenomenal,” Brown told Fox 8. “I obviously couldn’t write the message on the window so I had my nurse that day write it for me before we left the ICU. It was so impactful to me because as she was writing it on the glass I am looking through the glass and the ICU staff is just lining up on the other side of the window reading it as she is writing it.”

Brown is now home with his family. He is still recovering but feels much better.

“Don’t give up, there is hope,” Brown said. “That’s why I am sharing my story.”

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