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ATLANTA (WJW) — Georgia has reportedly become the third state to shut down a vaccination site using the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine due to adverse reactions.

The Georgia Department of Public Health confirmed to FOX 5 that eight people experienced adverse reactions on Wednesday after receiving the shot.

FOX 5 reports that one person was hospitalized for evaluation, while the other seven were sent home after being monitored on site.

Health officials say the adverse reactions were “consistent with common reactions in adults being vaccinated with any vaccine,” according to the news outlet. The department allegedly stopped administering the Johnson & Johnson shot at the Cumming Fairground vaccination site due to the number of reactions.

Georgia’s shut down comes as health officials in Colorado and North Carolina also halted use of the Johnson & Johnson shot at some vaccination sites.

A mass vaccination site in Colorado closed early on Wednesday afternoon after 11 people experienced adverse reactions to the shot.

North Carolina officials announced Thursday that at least 26 people experienced adverse reactions, including fainting, to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Officials say they stopped administering doses of the shot at a mass vaccination site in Raleigh and at clinics in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is aware that some people have experienced adverse reactions. The organization noted that reactions like fainting are not uncommon after someone is vaccinated. The CDC is working with state and local officials to evaluate the issues and has performed vaccine lot analyses and not found reasons for concern. The organization says it is not telling health departments to stop vaccinations.