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CHARDON, Ohio (WJW)– Another local county is helping residents who want the vaccine. They’ve created a website where people who live or work in the county can add their name to the health department’s COVID-19 vaccine contact list.

At Geauga Public Health, administrators said their office has been inundated with phone calls from residents wanting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The challenges that come with that is the vast majority of folks who are eager to get it are not part of Phase 1A,” said health commissioner Tom Quade.

According to Quade, the county got their first shipment of 200 doses back on Dec. 21. They’ve received two smaller shipments since.

“For every 100 doses we get, we are actually talking about vaccinating 50 people. Frankly, if we did a drive-thru vaccine clinic, we wouldn’t have enough vaccine for one full clinic,” Quade said.

Quade said new doses are on the way. While they wait, they’ve created an online survey that allows residents and people who work in Geauga County to get on a vaccine contact list.

“So when they become eligible, we can send them an email and say, ‘It’s time!'” Quade said.

Quade said the survey has been up less than a week and more 3,000 people have already signed up.

Meantime, the department is working on setting up vaccination pods at the public health office and Kenston Local School District. They are also working on a free vaccination scheduling app that people can download once they become eligible.

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