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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — As the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues in Ohio, more people are becoming eligible to get the shot, including employees for K-12 schools.

On Saturday, the first group of teachers at Akron Public Schools received the vaccination.

In order to be eligible, school districts had to agree to resume in-person learning or hybrid instruction by March 1. However, a spokesperson for Akron said that could be difficult due to limited supply and high demand.

“The distribution of dose one needs to be as quick as possible for us to abide by early March, but I don’t think, well… there’s no way mathematically you can do it by March first,” Mark Williamson previously told FOX 8.

Gov. Mike DeWine said in an effort to meet the March deadline, the state is moving school employees to the front of the line to get vaccinated.

“The schools and the school personnel are really being put at the front of the line for the sole purpose of getting kids back in school, keeping kids in school, for all the reasons that we have talked about and how very, very important this is. So the school personnel are really, will be in front of 11 or so million of their fellow Ohioans,” DeWine said at a recent press conference.

According to DeWine, all public schools have signed on to offer the vaccine, except one located in the Dayton area.

Today, about 900 doses were administered to Akron school employees. A clinic is set up to vaccinate the rest of the 3,000 people who are interested on Feb. 12 and 13. Those who got their first shots today will get the second dose on Feb. 27.