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(WJW) – Dr. Anthony Fauci is advising Americans to wear masks while congregating indoors, regardless of your vaccination status, if you don’t know if everyone has been vaccinated.

He made the recommendation during a virtual town hall meeting on CNN on Wednesday.

In a clip from the meeting posted on Fox News, an audience member asked what people who have received vaccines and booster shots should do to protect against the omicron variant.

“One of the things that’s very clear is that if you have to be in an indoor congregate setting in which you’re unsure of what the vaccination status is of the people around you, wear a mask,” Fauci said. 

He encouraged Americans to have good ventilation while congregating indoors and, if possible, host gatherings outside.

Fauci also said if families are together and know everyone has been vaccinated, they don’t have to change their holiday plans.

“Just as I said and I’ll say it again, if you have a vaccinated situation, enjoy the holidays with your family in a family setting,” Fauci told CNN.

He goes into further details on the omicron variant in the video below.