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COLUMBUS (WJW) — During a press conference Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that some long-term care facility residents in Northeast Ohio would have to receive another dose of the COVID-19 vaccine after getting a shot from Walgreens yesterday.

As DeWine explained the situation, one lot of the vaccine was compromised after the temperature was not kept where it should have been.

DeWine named the facilities that were affected by the issue (note the Six Chimneys facility is actually in Cleveland):

“No harm to anyone, but these vaccinations will have to be done again,” DeWine said. “Walgreens has reached out to those facilities and individuals will be notified.”

Ohio Department of Health’s Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff also spoke on the situation, saying that Walgreens promptly reached out to the CDC to report the incident and find out how best to proceed.

“Any breech in that cold storage process before it is administered to patients, the vaccine can’t be relied upon to be effective,” Vanderhoff explained, also reiterating that no harm was caused by people getting these doses.

“The remedy here is to identify the individuals that need another vaccine, not everyone was affected,” he said.

Walgreens also issued a statement to FOX 8 regarding the incident:

After completing vaccinations on Feb. 1 at five long-term care facilities in Ohio and following our internal controls processes, we discovered the vials containing the vaccine were subject to improper storage before being delivered to these facilities. There is no reason to believe any patients who received these doses will suffer any harm. Walgreens has been in contact with the manufacturer and while the viability and potential impact on the effectiveness of vaccines that have been improperly stored remains unknown, revaccination is recommended. We will work with the facilities to revaccinate patients who inadvertently received doses from these vaccines to ensure full protection from vaccination in accordance with CDC guidance. Walgreens is investigating and has taken additional immediate steps to review and correct our operating procedures to prevent this from occurring again.

Fraser Engerman, Senior Director of External Relations