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COLUMBUS (WJW) — During a press conference Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine discussed the state’s COVID-19 inoculation rollout, saying that some people who were offered the vaccine chose not to get one.

“As of Sunday, 61% of nursing homes received their first visit from a pharmacy to receive their vaccines — those who wanted to receive the vaccine were able to get it,” DeWine explained. “But only 40% of staff have been taking the vaccine when it’s offered. With residents, it is around 75-80%.”

DeWine encouraged those who work and live in nursing homes to get the vaccine.

Ursel McElroy, the Ohio Department of Aging Director, spoke with the governor during the press conference, explaining that some people are hesitant to get the vaccine due to a number of reasons, including its safety.

She said the state plans to encourage nursing home facility staff and residents to get the vaccine by holding sessions at nursing homes to explain the science behind the shot.

“We’re hoping that their hesitancy is temporary, and that we can replace that with confidence, with confidence that it’s safe to get the vaccine,” McElroy said.

DeWine said that starting Friday, some nursing homes will be getting their second shots. He said that those who did not get a vaccine the first time around will have the opportunity to do so then. Otherwise, they may have to wait a while to receive one.

At this time, Ohio does not require people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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