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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish announced on Thursday the county treasurer’s office is suspending further foreclosure action and delinquent contracts in Cuyahoga County amid the coronavirus outbreak. It’s effective immediately and for at least the next 60 days.

Foreclosure action will not be taken on occupied structures, such as owner-occupied properties or rentals in Cuyahoga County. Foreclosure actions on unoccupied properties and in-process foreclosures will continue. All sheriff sales will be suspended during this period, the county said.

“The coronavirus is having enormous impact on many people, including people who are losing jobs and undergoing other economic hardship,” said Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, in a news release on Thursday. “We want to do whatever we can to help people during this difficult time. Rest assured that as the situation evolves we will continue to look at other appropriate measures.”

Cuyahoga County said the treasurer’s office will also not default any existing delinquent payment contracts because of late or missing payments for at least the next 60 days.

Taxpayers will remain responsible for the total balance due and each contract will be reviewed after this period.

All Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments and coupon payments for delinquent contracts will be suspended through March 31. All Advance Tax Payments (Easy Pay) will continue as normal.