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(WJW) — Cristina Cuomo, the wife of CNN host Chris Cuomo, is being criticized for the home remedies she used while her family was battling the coronavirus.

According to People, Chris was diagnosed with the virus first and although the family took precautions, both Cristina and the couple’s son, Mario, ended up contracting it. Their two daughters have not shown symptoms.

Cristina, acknowledging that many people are living in fear knowing that there is no vaccine or proven treatment for the disease, wrote a blog post sharing some of the homeopathic treatments that her family found helpful while battling the virus.

These treatments included herbal medicines, a $300 vitamin C drip and taking a bath with ¼ of a cup of Clorox mixed into the water.

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Many of her readers criticized her, saying that not only does her advice go against the Clorox recommendations stating that bleach is not recommended for personal hygiene of any kind, but also that her treatments were only available to a “privileged” population.

Cristina, however, is defending her post.

In response to the criticism, she updated the post to say, “I am aware that what I am about to talk about are remedies for people who are already in a privileged situation — we have a roof over our head, enough food to eat and clean drinking water, and not everyone has that.”

Cristina also says she understands the backlash but isn’t going to let it stop her from sharing her experience with others.

“There’s a huge opposition against holistic medicine, I get that. None of these natural remedies below should be taken without consulting a doctor or naturopath,” Cristina told People. “But, if there’s a potential for something to work, why not investigate it? Who knows if it worked or what it did, but I know that in nine days, I got most of that virus out of my system. This being a virus with no vaccination and no cure, my resolution was to learn as much as I can, go to my same doctor Linda Lancaster and follow her protocol, her prescription. And no way am I saying please try this. It’s just the path that I took and I’m sharing it because there isn’t a lot of anecdotal evidence.”

Now that Cristina has recovered and is feeling better, she says she will be hosting Instagram Lives with various healthcare practitioners and mental health experts in effort to provide a free, educational resource to anyone who is interested in it.

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