Coronavirus cases by zip code in Cuyahoga county show ‘infections throughout our community’

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is releasing zip code data on the coronavirus spread week to week.

New maps released Friday show that COVID-19 is prevalent throughout the county.

“Infections are throughout our community,” CCBH Medical Director Heidi Gullett said Friday.

CCBH reports just over 1500 coronavirus cases. 

The zip code map indicates where those patients live, not where they were infected. 

The map legend was changed this week to reflect a higher number of cases. 

CCBH zip code map 4/24/20

The map key indicates the areas with the most cases have between 43 and 66 cases. 

They are:

  • 44135
  • 44130
  • 44134
  • 44133
  • 44105
  • 44106
  • 44120
  • 44118
  • 44121
  • 44124
  • 44122
  • 44128
  • 44137
  • 44146

The map also indicates the areas with the fewest cases.

Those areas have between 4 and 10 cases.

They are:

  • 44140
  • 44138
  • 44114
  • 44127
  • 44117
  • 44040

That list of areas with under 10 cases is much smaller than just one week ago. 

CCBH will release new zip code data at their press conference next Friday.

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