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CLEVELAND (WJW)– While coronavirus cases have dropped significantly, local doctors are seeing an increased number of patients experiencing lingering symptoms.

Now, another local hospital has opened a specialized clinic for people commonly known as “long-haulers.”

“While it feels like we are kind of getting over the hump with in the inpatient setting, in the outpatient setting, I think we are just starting,” said Dr. Kristin Englund, an infectious disease specialist with the Cleveland Clinic.

The Clinic on Monday became the second local hospital to announce a post-COVID-19 clinic to help patients with lingering symptoms long after the diagnosis.

Englund heads up the reCOVer clinic, which is located at the Cleveland Clinic Independence Family Health Center. It connects patients to specialists in 18 different areas.

“So, if you are 28 days out from your diagnosis and you are still experiencing symptoms, like you haven’t regained your sense of smell, you are having brain fog or memory issues,” said Englund.

According to Englund, there is no medical standard of treatment for post-COVID patients.

All patients will undergo a series of evaluations and exams, and the entire process could take several weeks to complete. Englund said the reCOVer clinic will then develop an individual health care plan for them.

MetroHealth opened a similar post-COVID clinic to help patients with lingering symptoms.