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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Healthcare workers from Northeast Ohio are being sent to some of the communities hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, they are sending available caregivers to hospitals in New York and Michigan to assist with COVID-19 efforts.

These caregivers include critical care nurses, nurse practitioners, board-certified critical care and emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants and CT and X-ray technicians.

“Cleveland Clinic is supportive of providing caregivers to help during this time and we remain well-staffed to handle any anticipated surge in the states where we have hospitals. The decision to serve is completely voluntary for our caregivers,” the hospital network said in a statement.

Should Northeast Ohio experience an increased surge and need for healthcare workers, Cleveland Clinic will bring these caregivers back to the community.

The duration of the assignment will be based on staffing needs at the Cleveland Clinic, however, these medical professionals are free to come home at any time.

If they were to become sick, the clinic would bring them home.

The hospital network says the volunteers will continue to receive pay, benefits, and continue to be covered by Cleveland Clinic’s malpractice insurance, as well as emergency immunity laws that have been enacted in both New York and Michigan. They will also be provided housing, meals, transportation and laundering services, with other expenses reimbursed.