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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW)– Two months past due, Cedar Point will open for its 150th season on Thursday, taking extreme precautions to keep guests safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Visitors have to purchase tickets online in advance or passholders have to make reservations. That is because the park is limiting capacity to comply with social distancing.

“We have adjusted our capacity down to 50 percent with the guidance from the health department and the state. We are actually starting a lot lower than that. We will start off at 20 percent, see how the protocols are working and start ramping up from there,” said Jason McClure, Cedar Point’s Vice president and general manager.

Before entering the park, guests will be sent through tents where they will be scanned to see if they have a fever. The park plans to have cooling tents for anyone with a temperature to have the opportunity to cool down before they are scanned again.

Anyone deemed to have a fever is likely to be asked to return again after 14 days. Tony Clark, Cedar Point’s director of communication, said anyone who feels ill should not come to the park.

At the gates, the electronic tickets and paper tickets will be scanned without contact.

Throughout the park, there are hand sanitizer dispensers, and employees will be routinely cleaning and sanitizing areas of frequent contact.

Most of the rides will be open. Visitors will be separated and the lines to get on the rides will have markings to keep people 6 feet apart.

Every guest will be required to wear a mask, except when they are eating or drinking. The park created four “Relax Zones,” where families can go to sit, take off their masks and take a break if they wish. The park will have ambassadors to remind visitors of the mask policy and to make sure they are appropriately spaced in lines.

“We will remind guests to maintain that social distancing with audio announcements. We have ambassadors inside the park that are walking around to make sure we are wearing face coverings and everyone is maintaining social distancing. So we are taking that seriously, but it will be pretty obvious when you get in line for a ride,” Clark said.

“We are working with health officials, the CDC, the governor. We want to stay open, we want to be that place people go to escape, but we need our guests and our associates to play by those rules so we can stay open and still have a somewhat normal summer,” Clark told Fox 8 News on Wednesday.

“We want to have fun. We want to provide that to our guests, but everybody has to kind of work together when they come to the park. I tell our guests when you buy a ticket to Cedar Point, it’s not an exclusive day for a single guest, you get to share with all of the people that are there. And our associates and our guests need to do our best to adjust and adapt to these new and different policies and procedures that we have to comply with to keep each other healthy,” McClure said.

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