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CLEVELAND (WJW)– As more adults receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, children under the age of 16 are still not eligible. Studies on the effectiveness and potential hazards haven’t been completed.

But doctors said the studies that have been completed show that young children are at low risk of spreading COVID-19 or one of its now many variants to adults.

“For families with all the adults vaccinated and low-risk children, there will be a little more freedom for them. And while the risk of COVID isn’t zero, for me, I would allow my child to play outside with other children because my husband and I and our parents and grandparents are all vaccinated,” Dr. Amy Edwards, University Hospitals pediatric infectious disease specialist.

Edwards said so far, studies have shown that young children represent a low risk of spreading the virus. If the adults around them are vaccinated, she said it creates sort of a buffer.

But she said vaccinated adults still need to be wary of removing that mask just yet because there are still many many people who aren’t vaccinated. If you don’t know a person’s status, you need to keep on that mask.

“There is research that shows that being vaccinated decreases your risk of spreading it to others. It doesn’t completely eliminate it and that’s why you should be very careful that only people around you are low risk can an unvaccinated person take off their mask,” Edwards said.

Edwards said as more people receive their vaccines, in the long run, it will help protect children because there is less virus around. If there is less virus, there is less chance for spread.

“If you’re not sure and you’re in a group of people and you can’t know everybody’s medial history’s. But if you, as a grandpa, are going over to visit your kid or grandkid whose medical histories you are more familiar with, you can take off your mask and enjoy some normal family time that I think we’re all excited about,” Edwards said

The doctor said you should also remember that even once you’re vaccinated, you still need to continue to wear masks, social distance and avoid large gatherings in an effort to protect those who have not received a vaccine yet.