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MENDOCINO, Calif. (WJW) — A café in California is charging customers for wearing masks and or “bragging” about their coronavirus vaccination, according to FOX News.

Fiddleheads Café posted a sign in their window reading, “$5 fee added to orders placed while wearing a face mask.” Fine print below also stated that any customer caught bragging about their COVID shot would have to pay the penalty.

The cafe’s owner told the news outlet that money collected from the penalties will be donated to “charities that have been overwhelmed by collateral damage of the government lockdowns.”

The owner reportedly explained that he doesn’t think it’s a big ask considering he had been asked to wear a mask for months.

While some customers have been really upset about the policy, FOX News reports that most patrons are happy to pay the fine when they learn the money goes to charity.

This is not the first time Fiddleheads Café has made headlines for taking a stand against masks. The restaurant previously displayed a sign that read “throw your mask in the trash bin and receive 50% off your order.”