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BEREA, Ohio (WJW)– An ice cream shop in Berea has a message for people who yell at employees: Respect them or go somewhere else.

Mootown Creamery posted on its Facebook page Tuesday morning about customers mistreating workers, who are mostly teenage girls, for wearing state-required masks during the coronavirus pandemic. The owner made the decision to also require guests to wear masks while in the store, saying it’s for the protection of employees and customers.

“Do you know how hard it is to work a summer rush in a face mask? With a line of customers to the door, some waiting outside, online orders dinging on a tablet, the phone ringing off the hook — and then have a customer throw a temper tantrum in the store calling the girls ‘paranoid’ or ‘anti-American’ or even worse – CUSS AT THEM! (Does it feel good to make a 16 year old girl cry in the bathroom? Or sob on her way home from work? Does that make you feel better about Covid? How would you feel if someone did this to your child?)” Mootown Creamery wrote.

The Ohio Department of Health issued mandatory protocols for restaurants when they were allowed to open for outdoor service on May 15 and indoor service on May 21. Businesses must require all employees to wear facial coverings, with a limited list of exceptions.

“Covid is one of the most awful things many of us have experienced in our lifetime. Our lives are flipped upside down. Businesses are closing. Some of us are still out of work. We are stressed out, worried, and frustrated. However that is no excuse to take out your frustrations on teenage kids serving ice cream! (Most of which this is their first job!) Are you serious?! What control do they possibly have over the situation?”

Mootown Creamery thanked customers who have been understanding and respectful. It also reminded patrons it offers curbside pickup, outdoor ordering and online ordering for those who do not want to wear face coverings.