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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio’s coronavirus positivity rate has increased above 4%, according to the latest data from the Ohio Department of Health.

Positivity rate is an indicator of how much virus spread is in a community.

That number is calculated by the percentage of positive tests per day, which is then averaged over a 7-day period.

In the most recent data available from October 12, 5.7% of all people who were tested received a positive coronavirus test.

Wednesday saw the highest single-day spike in cases in Ohio since the beginning of the pandemic.

2,039 cases were reported across the state.

The 21-day average continues to rise.

We’re seeing a similar trend with hospitalizations.

151 people were hospitalized for coronavirus in the last 24-hours.

That’s the highest number over the last 21 days and is 45% higher than the 21-day average.

Is the increase a second wave of the virus or complacency?

The governor says most new cases are coming from small gatherings with family and friends where people aren’t wearing masks or social distancing.

“Please wear a mask. The evidence is overwhelming, the jury is returned, it is a unanimous verdict, and that is that masks do in fact work,” Gov. Mike DeWine said at Tuesday’s press conference.

The Ohio Department of Health confirms 173,665 coronavirus cases since the first case was confirmed in the state on March 9.

11,658 of those cases are in people under the age of 17.

This week the state passed 5,000 deaths, marking 5,033 lives lost since March.

The governor will hold a press briefing at 2 p.m. Thursday with the latest information on coronavirus in Ohio.