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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM cut through red tape for a 102-year-old great-grandmother so that she could get her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The I-TEAM also found out why someone in your family may be having the same trouble she had getting the vaccine.

Friday, we watched as 102-year-old Annie Murphy got ready for the moment she thought would never come, the moment she’d get the vaccine.

Murphy and her family felt she’d been lost in the system trying to sign up for a shot. Then, the I-TEAM got involved. And Friday, Murphy got her shot.

She reacted by saying, “I didn’t feel a thing. Nothing at all.”

And, she added, “I was amazed really to get the shot…really amazed.”

The I-TEAM first spoke to Murphy and her family in Berea. We’d been investigating what’s happened so far to the precious doses of the vaccine given to local health departments. Are all of those doses getting to people like you?

Murphy and her daughter say they’d tried getting on waiting lists. Murphy had given up getting the shot.

Then, we made a few calls and Discount Drug Mart stepped up and made an appointment right away.

The pharmacy said Murphy is eligible for the vaccine, and, at her age, she should have protection from COVID-19.

“When they reached out, we were glad to do this. This is something we’re doing for our community,” Discount Drug Mart Pharmacist Khyle Dutkiewicz- Wilson told the I-TEAM.

Murphy’s daughter, Margaret, said, “I’m extremely grateful to channel 8 and the I-TEAM and to the people at Drug Mart.

The vaccine still remains very scarce even as state and national leaders promise to speed up the rollout of it.

The Ohio Department of Health says statewide only half of the people 80 years old and older have gotten a shot.  And, only 20 percent of the people in their 70s. Again, these are some of the people most at risk for catching COVID-19.

Murphy’s grateful for finally getting the chance to get her first shot. She told us she hasn’t been out of the house in about a year because she’s been trying to avoid getting sick.

Before she went home on Friday, we asked, at 102 years old, what does she now have planned for the years ahead? She just laughed considering every day a blessing.

Maybe the vaccine will help her see many more days.