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CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s become known as “The House on Clifton” and is stopping people in their tracks both on foot and in vehicles.

“We just really enjoy like people come by and they yell and scream, ‘we love your decorations,’” said Joshua Davis.

Davis and his wife, Marija Lasic, started creating the elaborate, super-sized holiday displays after their car was stolen seven years ago.

“My car was stolen and crashed and we used that as our first big prop in the front yard and from there it kept escalating,” said Lasic.

Lasic designs for Halloween and Davis for Christmas, but this year they considered skipping it altogether because of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic.

That is until neighbors began pleading with them to do something.

“They go, ‘you gotta do something; we’re depending on you,’” said Davis.

The finished spine-tingling design takes the coronavirus to new heights.

A 12-ft skeleton’s hurling giant COVID-19 spores made out of kids balls and pipe cleaners at other skeletons running and crawling away, plus creepy TP hoarding shoppers rolling across the roof.

“We did not steal the cart,” said Lasic with a smile because that’s the number one question they get, “We definitely did not steal the cart and then the whole like Lysol, hand sanitizer and toilet paper — it’s just such a crazy time for all of us; I thought I could add some comedy in there, make people smile.”

And that’s what it’s all about for this creative couple, especially this year when people have gone through so much.

“This has been kind of a down year and we thought we could add some positive Halloween spirit and maybe lift some people up,” said Davis.

 “So it’s trying to say I want people to be protected and we’ll survive, we’ll make it through this,” said Lasic.

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