CLEVELAND (WJW) – Some controversial signs in two local neighborhoods are raising eyebrows. Around two dozen signs with a very blunt message are posted in Ohio City and Tremont.

“To be frank, I feel very vulnerable. To be frank, out on the streets, whether I am walking or biking, which is my primary way of getting around,” said a concerned resident.

The cyclist, who did not want to be identified, put the signs up recently.

“I just felt motivated to send a message, just try and do anything that I could do,” said the cyclist.

The cyclist, who was struck by a car himself last year, said he’s witnessed a couple accidents recently as the weather got warmer.

“I have very close friends and loved ones who have been severely injured, maimed or even killed by reckless drivers. So, I wanted to put something up that would catch people’s attention,” said the resident.

Last year, the city installed around a dozen speed tables in areas that are notorious for reckless drivers, but local cycling safety advocates say it’s simply not enough.

“We are all for the signs. Things need to move faster,” said Jacob VanSickle, executive director of Bike Cleveland.

According to VanSickle, there’s been an increase in fatal crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians in the past year.

“You are 70% more likely to be killed if you are struck by a vehicle going 30 mph vs 25 mph. So from Bike Cleveland’s perspective, these signs are a good reminder that speed is deadly and that people driving really need to slow down,” said VanSickle.