COLUMBUS (WJW) — Ohio House Republicans voted Monday to advance two proposals, one that would ask voters to make it tougher to amend the Ohio Constitution, and another that would enact a number of election changes.

Republicans moved House Joint Resolution 6 out of committee, which would place an issue on next year’s ballot calling for a 60% supermajority to pass future constitutional amendment.

They also moved House Bill 294 — which includes a new amendment that limits ballot drop boxes to one per county, along with eliminating early voting the Monday before an election and shortening the time that boards of elections have to receive mail-in ballots.

“We are really concerned that the General Assembly is trying to rush through a proposal that would make citizen-led ballot initiatives much harder,” said Jen Miller with the League of Women Voters Ohio.

A final House vote could happen as early as Tuesday. It’s the same day a rally is planned at the Statehouse in opposition of the measures.

The League of Women Voters of Ohio and Common Cause are among the 60 groups trying to stop them.

“They are just moving too quickly and not making choices that are the best for voters,” said Catherine Turcer with Common Cause.

If the resolution and bill were to pass, they would then go to the Republican-led state Senate. Opponents fear the measures could be pushed through before the lame duck session ends next week.