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A mother’s blog post is sparking debate online.

Lisa Henderson, writer of blog ‘Over the Big Moon,’ says she and her husband canceled Christmas for their kids this year.

According to her blog, the family is still decorating and celebrating the real meaning of Christmas — Jesus’ birth. But there won’t be presents, Santa Claus or stockings.

“Their letters to Santa this year will be asking Santa to find someone who needs their presents more,” says the blog.

The blog says the parents want to teach their children there are consequences to bad behavior and to “lessen their sense of entitlement.”

So instead, the family has a number of projects. So far, they held a clothing drive in their neighborhood to collect clothes to send to the Philippines. They also plan to choose two families and give them nativity sets for Christmas.

“The few presents they get from Grandparents and other families members will be more cherished because the quantity will be less,” the blog says. “They can enjoy what they get rather than feel overstimulated with so much.”

The mom has sparked much debate online by both parents who agree with her plan and parents who disagree.

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