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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio- Friday’s frigid weather comes less than a week after severe storms caused damage across Northeast Ohio. That is creating more misery for people still cleaning up and repairing their homes.

“There’s quite a hole in the ceiling right there. You can see the debris down below. There’s a hole in the kitchen ceiling, right there,” said Jeff Park.

Park started recording video on his cell phone the minute he walked into his condo Thursday night in the Sunrise Cove Condominium development in North Royalton. He cut short a vacation in South Carolina after learning his building was damaged by severe storms Sunday evening.

“In my bedroom, my bed is soaking wet with quite a hole in the ceiling and drywall right on my head,” he said in the video.

“They figure it’s gonna take a month or two to get the roof fixed and they can’t do anything in the condo until the roof is fixed,” he told FOX 8 on Friday afternoon.

The roof of the building is now covered with a tarp. About half of it was peeled off by the storm’s high winds.

“When the storm happened, the water started coming right down this way, just dripping from here all the way over. The rain was pouring in and then as that was pouring in, our electrical box was having rain coming down,” said his third-floor neighbor, Kelly Lawriw.

Residents say the building never lost power, leaving some residents worried about the mix of water and electricity.

“We heard the front door; it was buzzing from the electricity, so we were all scared. We’re like, ‘should we get out? Should we stay?’ And, honestly we stayed in and luckily nothing happened,” said resident, Joe Milkovic.

Professional clean-up crews spent Friday drying out and clearing away soaked carpeting and drywall. The storm affected residents on all three floors of the building.

“My neighbor came from the third floor knocking; I opened the door, big rainfall, like straight from a movie,” said Milkovic.

“They had to tear out the ceiling. The walls are wet, and most of the carpet padding; after that, we’re waiting for the adjusters to determine what else they’re gonna have to rip up and replace,” said resident, Russ Calkins.

Since the development is a condominium complex, the property management is responsible for repairing the roof, and each unit owner is responsible for fixing the interior damage.

A representative from the Homeowner’s Association told FOX 8 that insurance adjusters are expected to return to the building on Monday. He says as soon as they give the green light, there will be crews standing by to begin work to repair the roof.

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