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What follows are some of the highlights from the criminal complaint filed Tuesday against three of the five men — Brandon Baxter, Anthony Hayne and Douglas Wright — charged in an alleged terror plot:

Paragraph 17 … Wright told the CHS (Confidential Human Source) that he had also scouted the tunnels under the city of Cleveland as possible locations to attack, but later reconsidered because he thought the police had too many cameras and security personnel monitoring the tunnels.

Paragraph 25 … During the lunch, the group talked about plans to target various places in Cleveland. The locations they talked about taking action against included a hospital or bank using stink bombs, explosives and/or paint guns.

Paragraph 33 … The “Detroit” bridge (believed to be the Detroit-Superior Bridge in Cleveland, also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) was identified as a potential target by Wright because it connects downtown Cleveland and Ohio City. The men talked about the defunct subway system on the bridge and possibly using the subway as a way of accessing parts of the bridge.

Paragraph 54 … Wright suggested getting a car that they can drive into the Federal Reserve Bank with C4, and blow it up.

Paragraph 71 … The group discussed what would happen if they were caught. Baxter thought that they will all go to Guantanamo Bay if they get caught, they will not go to a normal prison. To prevent capture, he suggested getting tacks that they could throw out of the back of the car if they get in a chase.

Paragraph 73 … The group then reviewed the plan discussed during the last meeting and agreed that the plan would be for Wright and C.S. (fellow suspect Connor Stevens) to detonate explosives on May 1st that were placed in the Cuyahoga River in order to sink a cargo ship. Baxter would be leading a march away from the river at the time of detonation in order to create a distraction for the police.

Paragraph 86 … Lastly, as the surveillance and site-planning ended, conversations turned to events after the bridge bombing. Wright stated that Chicago is the main place they were worried about having the protective gear because there is no telling what they might have to use there. He said it will be crazy in Cleveland, but crazier in Chicago with people coming from everywhere to Chicago to protest the NATO summit. Wright predicted a “s–t load” of people going to Chicago will be coming to Cleveland first and it will be “off the hook” here for a week, then everyone will leave and downtown Cleveland will “be a pile of rubble and ashes,” as anarchists in every major city in the country will ultimately be “rioting and destroying each city.”