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AKRON, Ohio — Akron police have identified the two thieves who posed as volunteers to steal from the Toys for Tots campaign in Akron.  In the meantime, the community has stepped up to ensure that 15,000 kids in Summit County have toys this Christmas.

There was a little more pep in their step as volunteers rushed to sort boxes of toys for tots Wednesday night.

“I am so overwhelmed over how everyone is stepping up in the community,” said Traci Higginbottom-Williams, director.

Northeast Ohio rushed to lend a helping hand after thieves posed as volunteers to steal $5,000 worth of toys from the Toys for Tots program at the First Faith Development Corporation.

“People have been dropping off toys, checks. We’ve gotten emails about donations people are making through our Toys for Tots site, it is just outrageous,” said Williams.

Surveillance cameras were rolling late Monday night as the thieves stole bags upon bags, even boxes and loaded them onto waiting trucks outside.

Akron Police said the suspects have been identified however, there have still been no arrests.

“It was disheartening. Unfortunately, this happens. It is not the standard for this community,” said Ssgt. Phillip Greer, coordinator.

But what is standard in this community is compassion, especially at Christmas time?

Akron Police, along with the Polar Bear Express plan to contribute several trailers of toys to the program Thursday afternoon.

Ebay also wrote the program a $5,000 check to cover the loss.

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