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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Community members celebrated the reopening of Cleveland’s Black Lives Matter mural Sunday night.

The road reopened Monday morning.

The street had been closed for several weeks as the mural was created and the area welcomed a high volume of visitors.

The mural was created by volunteer artists and members of the community about two weeks ago. It stretches down E. 93rd Street from Bessemer to Heath Avenue.

Last Tuesday it was damaged by vandals in the early morning hours.

“I am somewhat shocked that a man, apparently possessing some pent-up anger, would boldly step out in broad daylight to deface the newly painted “Black Lives Matter” mural on East 93rd Street. The mural is a community effort, calling for justice and raising the issue of institutional racism,” Ward 6 Councilman Blaine A. Griffin said in a statement last week. “I am extremely disappointed and outraged that someone is so selfish to push his own agenda — one that is demeaning to the greater community.”

Residents in the area captured a photo of the vandal, however that person has yet to be identified by authorities. Anyone with information regarding the vandalism is encouraged to contact Cleveland police.

Councilman Griffin held a neighborhood celebration to commemorate the reopening of the mural.

Griffin says travelers have come from as far as New York and Washington D.C. to see Cleveland’s painted street mural. He adds that many groups have bussed in children and various groups including churches, sororities and fraternities to view this work of art.

The mural is part of a bigger project called “Elevate the East” which works to bring all kinds of art to the Kinsman, Woodland Hills and Buckeye neighborhoods.

A committee of urban design consultants, Cleveland leaders and residents drafted a report recommending 50 public art projects that would be set up in the future.

These include a mix of landscape artworks, murals, sculptures, streetscape artworks along with various art programs and events.

You can read the full report, titled “50 Actions to Elevate the East: A Guide for Connecting Art & People,” below: