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CLEVELAND (WJW) – From T-shirt sales to giveaways, the Cleveland community and its businesses responded immediately to try and support the family of officer Shane Bartek and his colleagues.

“You don’t think sometimes that that support is always, there but it is and they come through strong,” said Elias Diaz, a retired CPD sergeant who spent 33 years on the force.

He and his wife Lisa are overwhelmed to see how businesses like Beerhead Bar & Eatery are supporting Bartek’s family.

“That says a lot. A business to come out and say her we gotta help this police officer’s family out, it’s very important.”

For Beerhead, hosting a fundraiser Thursday evening was personal.

“Shane was a dear friend of a lot of us, not even just at this location, but at many places down in the flats and we all thought so highly of him in so many regards and more than anything just wanted to have the opportunity to celebrate his life,” said General Manager Garren Bohler.

From 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. all of their sales will go to the family.

“The way in which we’re all coming together in our own unique ways, in a way that’s in honor of him, is really indicative of what he believed this city can be.”

The Diaz family has also secured several giveaway items for the fundraiser like a Jarvis Landry-signed helmet and an Ozzie Newsom-signed Jersey.

Joe Burdick of Burdick Custom Flags is also donating a 24 x 13 in custom wood-carved flag.

“This isn’t my first time doing this and I just feel that it’s my civic duty to help out in any way that I can,” Burdick said.

The Navy veteran has worked for the past two years to help honor almost 60 police departments.

“People that can’t be there that want to cash app money or send money for a ticket, even though they can’t be there, that makes me feel really good that people care that much,” he said.

Blue ribbons were tied around nearly every pole and sign in the parking lot at the 5th District Station.

Earlier in the week, Mission BBQ in Mentor delivered food there for 40 people for free and have offered to donate food for the funeral, but that is not yet set in stone.

“Mission BBQ’s been there for us all the time. Beerhead I’m sure is going to be there for us whenever we need them again. These are just organizations that just come through for you and help you out and it’s a reflection of the community,” said Diaz.