COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A southeast Columbus man accused of assaulting a woman confined to a wheelchair appeared in court this week.

According to Franklin County court records, police arrived at Mount Carmel East hospital on reports of a domestic violence incident. The victim told police she was assaulted Saturday by 77-year-old Carl Chastang.

The court complaint stated the victim accidentally ran over Chastang’s foot with her electric wheelchair while at a residence in the Eastland neighborhood. The woman told police Chastang became upset and flipped the wheelchair over with her still sitting in it.

Chastang then allegedly pulled the wheelchair away, punched and kicked her several times, and then wrapped a pool noodle around her neck and began to strangle her. The woman reported that Chastang left her on the floor until the next day, when medics arrived.

The victim told police that she repeatedly asked Chastang to call for help but that he refused. Medics returned later on Sunday and took her to Mount Carmel East to be treated for three broken ribs.

Chastang, who also allegedly threatened the victim if she told hospital staff about the incident, is charged with felonious assault. The court gave him a $25,000 bond and ordered him to stay away from the victim.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 9.